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Minimum Age Limit : 14. Individuals between the age of 14 and 18 require an 18+ guardian to sign a waver form available at the following link. Additionally, we require the participant(s) presenting the the signatory's original ID card or a  picture of it either electronically or physically.

Feet Per Second Limit: 365 as measure by 0.20 gram BBs. Maximum allowed FPS is 400 using 0.20 gram BBs given there is unanimous consent among members participating in the game.

1- Pictured government issues ID is required
2- Full face protection is required. Mesh goggles are not allowed. Safety glasses are temporarily allowed
3- Semi- only. Burst fire or full automatic is allowed if there is unanimous agreement among players.
4- Tac lights are allowed; maximum 600 lumens.
5- No propane is allowed; only green gas, CO2 and duster gas.
6- Drum magazines are not allowed
7- All types of guns are allowed as long as they do not shoot over the FPS limit.
8- Participants under 14 are not allowed
9- Kindly bring cash until we receive the debit machine next Monday(October 22).
10- No green laser pointers

We appreciate your patience as we fine-tune some of these parameters