550Pro Solomon Compass Survival Bracelet - Molten Core

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Wearing a Paracord Survival Bracelet is not only stylish, especially for the outdoor enthusiast, but also a great way to carry around a good amount of paracord with you in case any emergency should arise. In an emergency they can be taken apart with some effort. You can use the kit for building shelter, fishing, trapping, direction, fire, and whistle to call for help.


  • 100% Canadian Hand Woven from 550 Paracord rope.
  • 7 Strand Core Yarn with The Minimum Tensile Strength of 550 lbs.
  • Can Be Used in an Emergency for Countless Survival Applications.
  • Stylish Way to Always Carry Paracord and Be Prepared.
  • Lightweight, Incredibly Durable, Amazingly Strong, Every Day Carry.


  • 8 FT 550 Paracord Rope
  • Compass