Warranty Policy

The Warranty Period commence from the date that the customer takes possession of the item.

By purchasing an item from TBDAirsoft.com or our retail shop, the customer adheres to this Warranty Policy Agreement.

  • TBD Airsoft reserves the right to attempt to fix the faulty item with either refurbished or new parts.
  • TBD Airsoft reserves the right to either replace the item with a new or refurbished item or fully refund the customer.
  •  Any modification, alternation or disassembly of the item will void its warranty.
  •  Items with custom jobs do not fall under this warranty policy.
  •  Claims must be made before the expiry of the warranty.
  •  Abuse, use of low quality pellets and fielding items will void their warranty.
  •  TBD Airsoft cannot accept warranty claims for items that are missing their original packaging.
  •  Chargers and batteries that are included with AEGs are not covered under TBD Airsoft warranty.
  •  TBD Airsoft is not responsible for the items that have a warranty policy by the manufacturer. Please refer to the respective manufacturer for warranty claims.
  •  The Warranty Period commence from the date that the customer takes possession of the item.
  •  Final Sale offers do not have any warranties.
  •  Warranty claims can only be made by the original purchaser of the item.
  • All warranty claims must be accompained with a receipt.

The warranty duration for items sold by TBD Airsoft is as follows:

Item TypeWarranty DurationWarranty Exemptions
Gas Blow Back Pistol 2 Weeks Feeding Nozzle
Gas Blow Back Rifle 2 Weeks Feeding Nozzle
Automatic Electric Rifles 2 Weeks
Spring Shotguns and Snipers 3 Weeks
Uniforms and Textile protective gears 2 Weeks
Communication Equipments 2 Weeks
Internal Parts 2 Weeks Warranty void if installed by a non-verfied technician
External Parts 3 Weeks
All gas reservoir related product such as magazine, valve or gernades No Warranty
Batteries No Warranty