Manitoba Teams and Fields

Airsoft in Manitoba 

Manitoba has a very active airsoft community with many fields and events. The passion of the community fuels it through the cold winter and hot summers. Airsoft in Manitoba will keep you busy, entertained and exercised; discovering the Airsoft community will be very rewarding. This page is dedicated to passion and commitment of community and its resources; a synopsis of the teams and fields in Manitoba.


Cuddy’s Comandos
All age airsoft group
facebook: Cuddys Commandos Airsoft

This is a all age airsoft group. Great screams.


Pacific Recon Amihan Unit (Winnipeg Division)

Filipino Airsoft Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pacific Recon is a growing Filipino team across Canada with the mother chapter being in Ontorio. We are just a small portion of this enormous unit. We are an al Filipino airsoft team located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The main focus of the team is to bring awareness to our local "Kabayan" that there are Filipinos in the city that do enjoy the sport and encourage them to come out and play. However, please don't get us wrong, we do not segregate ourselves away from other nationalities. Again, this group is built to encourage Filipinos to get into the sport.
As a team, we function more like a family outside the playing field but coordinate as one in the arenas. We have regular functions every week to make sure we do not have gaps with new/old team members; whether it may be from playing airsoft or just hanging out and fiddling with our guns at a team members’ home.
The team consists of its own, international contacts, meaning we order original Filipino uniforms straight from the Philippines. Also, we have our own gun smith, who will take care of your upgrades. As a team we will provide opinions on parts and accessories to which best suits your game play. As in airsoft, honesty and respect is the key and that's what this team is built upon.

This team is meant for fun, loving team members as well as devotion to the game. We try to practice promptness and respect in and out of the arena. We look down on arrogant, self-indulged people (so if you do decide to be in the group, please evaluate yourself).


Snow wolf pack

Airsoft Group for Chinese (Selected Members From Chinese Airsoft Battle Group)




University of Manitoba Airsoft Club